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No matter what gets done and how much is left undone; I am enough  and  yes, I am imperfect and afraid, vulnerable of getting hurt; but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worth of love and belonging!


I am simple N Brittle!

#God created elementS,  eLements created #life!

n eVeryone z a combination of these 4 Elements.

fiRe, Water, Earth, aiR!

Born from mother Water n father fiRE,  gifted 2 mother Earth!

made in  element Earth!

Got a Teacher, Air!

I m fortunate for this comBination, it z an unique gift! I

I am simple n brittle, I m stubborn  but caring…

few reserve, outspoken more ways!

I m couRageous, also Patriotic..

D aniVersary Day!

March 7! 

#Dis was great, last year…

At 4 O’clock morning, I steppeD in, taste D Dawn; after a long Yr,  I was in Bhubaneswar…

Day was great, a new company,  new Office,  n new Collegues; speaking in Odia, great! , that was  #Beautiful!

Thanks my Day, thanks fr being great, great 2 me!

D best z, with time, I hv nt noticed, Dat I am matured with one more year!!

Beautiful stories r written, many of my aLL time friends tied deir 🎎knots!

Best wisHes 2 all #Pairs, wisH U d best 2nd halF!

N Sorry, I have missed 2 be there, in Ur parties….
It would hv greatest, if I were…

I missed! I hv missed good Moments.

In a few Days ,  all U would hv a Day,  a day with joy n celebrations. #D aniVersary Day…

🎉in advanCe, happY anniversarY Day!🎉