fuLL #tOss..

No one is either goOd or baD; He has each fLavours in unique combination…!



I am strong……..!             but weakness, kill me inside.., m not so much strong to get through it!

I ran fast, without limits…….., but very often a little delayed…

 sOme have two push me uP!

          ….. a loneliness runs through my veins, ……yeh #it hurts!

No one is full! ….always an emptiness flows, ..flows #there

lo$t mY miNd

Life has its own reason and it wears its own fabric!

As an actor, whether accounted or nOt, just try to see through my spectacles…

……….flat pitch n rough valleys, every moment has its own impressions, n unique!

Lonely with times, lost in crowd; run to fast, but still failed….

dreams in open eyes, bereaved…..

brave, but much afraid; down 2 earth, proud in own ways!

takes its own effort, to straight, to find its own belief and would try to last, till seeing it, all these comes true!

It fails, but never stopped, would never brake until it ends….

No rough weather n nO tough time can stop its run!

When fluid flows!

The body force due to gravity, which is responsible for bedload movement, suspended load movement…. for flow of media!

A resistance to the change in inertia; viscosity, which plays opposite to the motion…

It is a fundamental necessity, that there must be a larger body force than the viscous one, for a fluid flow to happen!

When designing a gravity fed sewerage flow, we have to select the fluid depth and bed slope in such a way that, sufficient body force is produced to move the fluid with their particle loads…

If body force increases, velocity of particles increases with it, resulting a viscous force comes in to play!

So, while system design, we always should keep a margin of body force ahead of viscous force; but it should not be larger enough, that it would create energy loss and also result in irosion…

As body force is directly proportional to bed depth and bed slope, we have to choose the variables with respect to an economical point!

When calculating the viscous force in a flow, we must have a knowledge on particle sizes, velocity intended and coefficient of viscosity of the fluid…

Finally our design should match, on the prospects that, their is enough body force to drag against viscosity, and do not create an irosion!

We must consider that, flow may vary with time to time in municipal sewers!!!!