In a theatre when drama plays, opt for front seats. When film is screened, opt for rear seats. Your position in life is only relative…Not absolute. For making soap,..oil is required. But to clean oil,..soap is required. This is the irony of life..

Only two types of people are happy in life; The Mad and The Child.Be achieve a personal goal. Be a Child to..enjoy what you achieved. 

Enjoy life..!! Neither u can hug urself nor u can cry on ur own shoulder..Life is all about living for one another, live with those who love you the most. Relations cannot be Understood By the Language of Money…Because, Some Investments Never Give Profit But They Make us rich…!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

lo$t mY miNd

Life has its own reason and it wears its own fabric!

As an actor, whether accounted or nOt, just try to see through my spectacles…

……….flat pitch n rough valleys, every moment has its own impressions, n unique!

Lonely with times, lost in crowd; run to fast, but still failed….

dreams in open eyes, bereaved…..

brave, but much afraid; down 2 earth, proud in own ways!

takes its own effort, to straight, to find its own belief and would try to last, till seeing it, all these comes true!

It fails, but never stopped, would never brake until it ends….

No rough weather n nO tough time can stop its run!


Dear All,

As the manufacturing of PSC pipes are going on, we are going to deploy our experts for the shop inspection..

The subject is already discussed with CCE, n finalised in review meetings held before…

However, we have not received any RFI for the same manufacturing process, yet.

As CCE has instructed to deploy our manpower permanently for the total duration of manufacturing of PSC pipes, we are following the same shortly.

We are requesting the contractor to submit RFI, and their subsequent cooperation is expected…

Thanking You all..

fLuid dYnamic$

Bernaulli’s Eqn has only Considered 2D nature of flow, have not taken care of viscous forces…

Navier Stokes Eqn counts the 3D nature of fluid, mainly in turbulence. 

The equation finds applications in the turbulence mOdelling and CFD analysis of turbulent flow…

It also takes viscous force as a major variable!
However Bernoulli equation has derived from Euler’ equation, taking a necessary condition that, flow is incompressible, density is constant over time…
And Euler’s research on fluid dynamics, get a equation on steady flow, laminar, inviscid flow!
Navier-Stokes equation tried to find a solution for turbulent, viscous and unsteady flows!